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Auxtings Slim LED Light Bar Single Row 7" 13" 20" 25" 32" 38''

Auxtings Slim LED Light Bar Single Row 7" 13" 20" 25" 32" 38''

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The Auxtings Slim LED Light Bar is a versatile lighting solution designed for SUVs and off-road vehicles. It is available in various lengths, including 7 inches, 13 inches, 20 inches, 25 inches, 32 inches, and 38 inches. The different lengths allow you to choose the one that best suits your vehicle and lighting needs.

The light bar features a single-row design, which means it has a linear arrangement of LED bulbs. This design ensures a focused and concentrated beam of light, making it ideal for off-road driving and work applications.

The power output of the light bar varies depending on the length you choose. It is available in different wattage options, including 90W, 120W, 150W, and 180W. The higher the wattage, the brighter the light output.

The LED bulbs used in the Auxtings Slim LED Light Bar are energy-efficient and provide excellent illumination. They offer a combination of a long lifespan, low power consumption, and high brightness, making them suitable for demanding off-road environments.

The light bar is designed to withstand harsh conditions and is built with durable materials. It is resistant to water, dust, and shock, ensuring reliable performance even in challenging off-road situations.

Installation of the light bar is relatively straightforward, with mounting brackets included for easy attachment to your vehicle. It is compatible with SUVs and 4x4 vehicles, but it can also be used for other applications such as work lighting, emergency lighting, and outdoor activities.

Overall, the Auxtings Slim LED Light Bar is a reliable and durable lighting solution that offers increased visibility and safety for off-road enthusiasts and those in need of powerful illumination in various settings.

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