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Wireless CCTV System Kit Outdoor AI IP Two-Way Audio Camera Security System Video Surveillance

Wireless CCTV System Kit Outdoor AI IP Two-Way Audio Camera Security System Video Surveillance

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The Wireless CCTV System Kit is a comprehensive security system that includes a Network Video Recorder (NVR), wireless IP cameras, and various advanced features for video surveillance. Here's a breakdown of its key components and functionalities:

  1. Network Video Recorder (NVR): The NVR serves as the central hub of the system, responsible for recording and managing the video feeds from the connected cameras. It supports up to 8 channels, allowing you to connect up to 8 cameras simultaneously. The NVR is equipped with wireless capabilities, enabling it to communicate with the cameras over Wi-Fi.

  2. Wireless IP Cameras: The kit includes multiple wireless IP cameras that capture high-definition video footage. These cameras are designed for outdoor use, making them suitable for monitoring the exterior of your property. The cameras have AI capabilities, which may include features like motion detection, facial recognition, or object tracking. The resolution of the cameras is 5 megapixels (5MP), which provides clear and detailed video footage.

  3. Two-Way Audio: The cameras in this kit are equipped with two-way audio functionality, allowing you to both listen to sounds and communicate through the cameras. This feature can be useful for interactive monitoring or for remotely communicating with people near the cameras.

  4. Video Surveillance: The system provides comprehensive video surveillance capabilities, enabling you to monitor and record activities in and around your property. The NVR can store the recorded footage, and you can access it remotely through the Xmeye app.

  5. Xmeye App: The Xmeye app is a mobile application that allows you to remotely access and control the CCTV system. It provides a user-friendly interface through which you can view live video streams, play back recorded footage, and configure various settings of the system. The app is compatible with both iOS and Android devices, providing flexibility in how you monitor your security system.

Overall, the Wireless CCTV System Kit offers a robust and feature-rich solution for video surveillance. With its wireless connectivity, high-resolution cameras, AI capabilities, and remote access through the Xmeye app, it provides enhanced security and monitoring for your property.

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