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H7 LED Lights Head Lamp12000LM Car LED Headlight Bulb 6500K White 12V

H7 LED Lights Head Lamp12000LM Car LED Headlight Bulb 6500K White 12V

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The H7 LED Lights are a pair of LED headlight bulbs designed to replace traditional H7 halogen bulbs in cars. These bulbs feature a fanless design, meaning they do not require a built-in fan for cooling.

The bulbs have a mini size, which allows for easy installation in tight spaces within the car's headlight housing. Each bulb utilizes high-quality CSP (Chip Scale Package) LED chips, which are known for their brightness and efficiency. The bulbs produce a powerful 12000 lumens of light output, providing excellent visibility on the road.

The colour temperature of the light emitted by these bulbs is 6500 Kelvin, which corresponds to a bright white light. This colour temperature closely resembles natural daylight, enhancing visibility and reducing eye strain during night driving.

The bulbs are designed to operate on a 12-volt electrical system commonly found in cars. They are specifically designed to fit the H7 bulb socket type, which is used in various vehicle models.

Overall, the AUXITO 2x Fanless H7 LED Lights offer a convenient and efficient way to upgrade the headlights of your car with LED technology. They provide a significant improvement in brightness and visibility compared to traditional halogen bulbs, making night driving safer and more enjoyable.

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